Sunday, September 30, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

Simply Poetic

Why not introduce your kiddos to poetry.  Weekly I use this bulletin board to display the poem of the week.

During literacy centers, my kiddos visit the poetry center.  In their poetry journal they have to complete 3 jobs:
1.  Glue down poem.
2.  Find words in poem.
3.  Draw a picture to go with the poem.

First month of school, my kiddos learned their color words.  At this center they circled the color words in this poem.

Each day during morning meeting, we practice the poem by reciting, singing, or using hand movements.  We use highlighting tape to find our weekly sight words and my little detectives always find rhyming words :)


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Organizing My Kinders!

The month of September has really taking over my classroom!  I've been busy getting the year started with classroom routines, organization, and everything that a little kiddo might need in kindergarten :)

I would like to share with you how I organize my centers around my little friends.  

My center time is organized into 5 groups.  Each day my kiddos visit two centers.  I began center time by setting up our classroom rules during literacy or math centers.
1.  Use an inside voice.
2.  Stay at your centers the entire time.
3.  Do your best work.
4.  Ask a parent volunteer or teacher for help.

This is our third week focusing on center rules and knowing how to find which center to go to.  My kiddos are getting to be good at finding their name and reading the center board each day.

I organize my literacy centers in this 6 drawer file cabinet that I found at Target.  Each drawer is labeled with the same center card that is displayed on my centers chart.  The drawers are pretty deep so I can keep all supplies in each drawer ready to go.  Once I announce the centers for the day, one child from each group will go get the appropriate drawer and bring it to the labeled table to begin working.

My Literacy Centers are:
Word Work Center:  Practicing sight words and CVC words
Poetry Center:  Poem of the week
ABC Center:  ABC's and phonic practice
Write the Room:  Monthly challenges
Listening Center with response
Computers:  Starfall and KidPix
ITouch:  Language Arts Practice
Magnetic Board:  Magnetic letter practice
Puzzle and Games:  Language arts games
Writing Centers:  Monthly challenges