Classroom Tour

Here are some pics of my classroom this school year.  I learned a lot about what worked well and what I need to change for next year.  I hope you enjoy the tour!  This is the view of the classroom when you walk in the front of the door.  It's the beginning of the school year so it looks pretty bare.
Our classroom is a beach theme.  This is our classroom library.  Books are organized by theme and genre.  The orange book boxes are student's leveled reading boxes.  I also include their sight words on flashcards that go in their book boxes for them to practice daily.
This is the Surf Shack dramatic play area.  During Free Choice time the children come this area to write recipe cards or take food orders playing restaurant.  I have several flip charts with food words so that children can pretend play and learn words at the same time.  There is plastic food, dishes, and clipboards with dry erase markers for students to use.  When a student completes a recipe card we hang it up on the cork surfboards!
This is our math center.  I store all the math materials together in one place so that the children can find things easily and even explore with them during Free Choice Time.  All baskets are labeled with pictures so that the children are responsible about putting things in the right place.

Each week, one student is the Surfer of the week.  They design their own surfboard to hang up on a special bulletin board.  On Monday the surfer of the week shares the surfboard.  We interview this student and make a class book as a token for the student to bring home to keep :)  They also bring in an estimating jar filled with whatever they want for our estimating each week!
This is our Science Focus bulletin board.  Each month our focus is different.  There is a discovery table right below this board where students can come explore the topic of that particular month.  For our plant unit I included books, different kinds of seeds, and our classroom greenhouse on this table.
Our class word wall is located right next to where the students sit to do their work.  

The art center has everything my little ones need to create their special project.  I store colored pencils and markers in silver tins that the children pass out for special art projects.  All art materials are easy to get to and located all in the same place.
Our class listening center.
Computer Center

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