Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Daily 5 Looking Alive!

I love the end of September because as a teacher you take a deep breath and know you are on your way!  Routines are set, a few minor adjustments, and you know learning is now happening.
     Our Daily 5 routine is all set!  Here is a quick peek at my kinders practicing Daily
Listening to Reading:  found these great carriers at Big Lots.  Each one has two books, a response page to complete, an  I Touch and a cute soft pouch to protect my precious technology.
Work on Writing:  my kiddos work in their handwriting books for their must do and then they explore my writing center.
Abundance of writing materials!  
Word Work:  we practice our sight words at this center.  Here my kiddos are completing their sight word book for I.
After their must do is complete they explore the magnetic letters.  Look they are sorting by letters!
ABC Center:  After completing their Rainbow Letter books my kiddos play with my flannel boards.  I just purchased this tabletop flannel board from Lakeshore.  I absolutely love it!  In Las Vegas this summer at the kindergarten conference I purchased several flannel stories.  Here my kiddos are retelling Brown Bear.
More flannel board fun!
Reading to Self:  check out my reader in our classroom library!
Technology:  I introduced the Magnetic Letter app.  Easy to use for my super smart kinders!
     Beginning next week I will begin guided reading with my kiddos!  It's going to be a great year!


  1. Hi Sherry!!

    I came across your blog on Fifth in the Middle's blogs by state! I am a teacher in the Bay Area! I am planning a NorCal Teacher Blogger Meet Up for December!! I would love to have you join us! Please come to my blog and check out the post and sign up if you are interested!! :)


  2. What kind of handwriting books do they use? I love how the children can complete them independently.