Thursday, March 14, 2013

CUE Conference Giveaway

So excited to be in sunny, warm Palm Springs for the Annual CUE Conference 2013!  Is any of my blogging friends here with me?  I am learning so much, and finding out the newest tools, trends, and tactics for the 21st Century Learning.  Today was the first day and here is a sneak peak of my first day:
Fablevision learning is founded by Peter Reynolds who believes that teaching and learning should be exciting.  I learned how to engage students in animating and telling their own stories using Animationish & Stationery Studio.  So cool.  Students of all ages can animate stories, science projects, or even vocabulary words.
International Dot Day on September 15th is worldwide where students "Make their mark on the world."  Schools across this nation and throughout the world create dots and show off their creativity side celebrating the book, The Dot by Peter Reynolds.  You can register your class at

Another great workshop I was fortunate to go to was Differentiate With Dr. Seuss For The Common Core.  Here we explored how to use Dr. Seuss books to develop quick and easy differentiated activities in the classroom.  There is a fantastic website called Teaching Made Easier where teachers can create hundreds of activities in 3 easy steps!  Picture cards, bingo cards, comprehension cubes, creative writing pages, you name it!  Everything a teacher needs to reinforce classroom instruction.
OK now for the best part of my day!  I sat in on a demonstration of the new 3D Kidpix.  Wow it's incredible.  I have the old version in my classroom and I was practically jumping out of my chair when I saw this.  Kinders can get actively involved in slide shows, storytelling, or even create creatures that fly around the pages.

So at the end of the demonstration they had a raffle and I WON!  I never win raffles.  So great I am so excited to get back to my classroom and install this new software.  But wait...there's more.  At the end of the day I went back to this demonstration table because they told us there would be yet another giveaway.  I must of been wearing my lucky Irish shirt, cause I WON again!  2 copies of KidPix 3D.  
So I need to share the love with all my blogging friends out there.  I am giving away 1 copy of KidPix 3D!  Yes you heard me.  Here's what you need to do to enter:

1.  Kindly comment on this post and tell me your favorite tech device in your classroom.

Giveaway will end 1 week from today at 8pm.
Good Luck to all my faithful followers!
Another update from Day 2 at the CUE conference coming soon!
Night! Night!

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  1. I'm in! I'm your newest follower.CA blogger! I love my doc camera. Can't live w/o Elmo. Stop by and say HI! wendy