Sunday, March 17, 2013

CUE Conference Update #2/Giveaway

Can you say relaxed?  Just got back from the CUE conference in Palm Springs.  Not only did I learned so much and I relaxed even more.  It is such a great feeling to be in a room with 4,000 people that do the same thing that you do each day, TEACH.  You feel connected and proud of your profession and it is nice knowing that you make a difference in the future.  Technology is our future and it is moving so extremely fast that we almost can't keep up.  For example when Apple invented the IPhone, ITouch, and IPad, they never anticipated how many thousands of apps would be created for them.  It's CRAZY to stop and think what is happening in our world with our children and our schools.  
The second day at the CUE conference I learned a lot of new apps/websites to try in my classroom.  Here's a few to share:
The Evernote presentation was my favorite so I will start here.  Evernote is an app that every and I mean EVERY teacher needs to get.  It's organization at its finest!  From simple note taking to recording and documenting notes and organizing them into notebooks, Evernote is the way to go.  Check it out.
Picture Pinterest and now picture Edcanvas for lessons.  Taking the same concept as Pinterest, a teacher can take Edcanvas and organize lessons, websites, and pinterest clippings all on one canvas.  Students can visit that canvas and select lessons if you are teaching in a flipped classroom.  Teachers have their teaching units organized in one place.  BRILLIANT!

The latest in classroom technology is QR codes.  From kindergarten to 8th grade, QR codes can be a fun exciting way to teach.  A easy, fun app is QR Pal.  It's FREE and it downloads instantly on your tech device.  Classroom IPods or IPads can scan QR codes around the classroom and students receive instant info on the lesson.  My kinders can even do this and they LOVE scanning.

and finally...
I am giving a FABULOUS GIVEAWAY and I want YOU to win!  My time spent at the conference my luck(because I am Irish and ST. Paddy's Day was coming up) was extremely LUCKY and I won 2 Kidpix 3D software programs for my classroom.  I am giving away 1 to a lucky blogging buddy.  Giveaway ends this Thursday, March 21st so get going....

Leave a comment on how you use Technology in the classroom.  That's it!  
1, 2, 3, GO!

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