Sunday, April 7, 2013

     I think it is back to reality for me! Spring Break was terrific but now I need to get that kinderhat back on and plan, plan, plan! So what do I do? I start blog hopping to find those creative ideas from all my lovely blogging buddies. 
... And what did I find along the way but a good ol' Shout Out Linky Party from Lisa from Growing Firsties
     Wanna link up with a Shout Out Post? Please keep this in mind...Shout Out two bloggers - one with more followers, one with to the specific blog post with the shout outs. 

     So here I go. 
Lately I am going CRAZY over Maria at Kinder Craze!  For a new blogger like me, I struggle on a daily basis to find the answers of the how-to of the blogger world.  Maria has a page called Techie Tutorials that I found so useful and simply a life saver.  Her creative ideas are more than creative, THEY ARE A TEACHER'S MUST HAVE!  Love visiting her blog, and love all her fantastic ideas.  Make sure you visit!

I love finding fellow California bloggers and Katie at A Basket Full of Apples is one of my favorite new blogs to visit.  She is very organized and I love her tips on classroom decor and her bulletin board ideas.  She loves to travel too!  Great place to visit so get on over to her blog :)

So link up and share your favorite blogs to visit!  So much fun!

Don't forget to join my Wacky Wednesday Linky party.  It happens weekly and it is a chance for you to share those crazy and wacky things that happen in your classroom.  Come on, I know it gets crazy so link up and share!


  1. Thanks SO much for linking up! Love your post! I agree about Kinder-Craze. Maria is amaaaazing!!! And, I'm headed over to check out A Basket Full of Apples. :)

    Smiles from your newest follower...Lisa
    Growing Firsties

  2. Thank you so much for your shout out. That is so sweet! I am your newest follower.

    A Basket Full of Apples