Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wacky Wednesday Linky Party!

So here we first Linky Party!  I love Linky Parties and I love meeting new blogging friends.  So the other day I was walking my class to music, and one of my kinders said to me, "It's Wacky Wednesday, Mrs. Andrighetto!"  Now in kindergarten every day can be a bit "Wacky," but I know that we all have those days when things just don't go as planned, or the unexpected happens!  For me, that is what makes teaching an experience, learning how to handle the unexpected, the crazy mishap, or the unpredictable event.  What do you do?  How do you remain calm or do you remain calm?  So taking this 5 year old's expression, "Wacky Wednesday," I decided to turn this into a weekly LInky Party where teachers can share those funny stories you run home to tell your family about.  I know in my house I always have a story to share for the dinner table.  So join the party and let Wacky Wednesday make you giggle...grin...or make you realize that we are all in this together!

Rules of Wacky Wednesday Linky Party
1.  Tell me that crazy, unexpected event that happened in your class this week.
2.  Leave a comment for the person before and after your link!
3.  Make sure you include my link in your post.
4.  Most importantly Have fun!

So I will start.  It was our last week before Spring Break...ahhh!  One of my students decided it to wear his dad's belt to school.  Now if you could only picture this, a small 5 year old boy wearing his dad's 32" waist belt to school.  I think it went around his waist 42 times.  He definitely was a fashion statement because it stirred up an entire fashionista in all my kinders.  Each day yet another kinder friend would come to school with either their mother or father's belt around their waist.  They were comparing, contrasting, and even measuring who had the longest belt at school.  Actually a teacher's dream lesson because students were actively involved and engaged in finding who brought the coolest belt to school.  It all started out peaceful and actually academic until belts started to come off during recess time.  Now children were connecting belts to form long trains, using belts to swing wildly around their heads, or simply belt someone around a school pole.  Oh no!  Belts gone CRAZY in the kindergarten playground!  So to mildly end the belt craze in Room 8, I kindly explained to my friends that belts of any sort will be no longer be coming to school.  
What will my fashionistas do?
Next day...They started to wear hats :)

Can't wait to hear how your week went!
Join the party! 

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  1. I'm linked! Love school stories...someday we should write a book! haha Thanks! wendy