Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Insulation Science Experiment

It's terrific Tuesday and we started off the week with yet another science experiment from my STEM unit.  Ok I think this experiment was the best so far.  Thank you to my wonderful colleague who shared this with me.  It was the icing on the cake!
Today we decided to test different materials to see which one was the best insulator:
Materials needed are a bucket, ice, and a ziplock bag.  That's all!  
Step one:  Prediction
What material will make the best insulator?
Step two:  Experiment
Try all materials to see which material is the warmest.  My kiddos were so excited to try out the blubber glove, cotton glove, and all the materials.

Step Three:  Collect Data
We rated each material from 1 to 5.  1 being the warmest and 5 being the coldest.

Then we used our interactive whiteboard and recorded our findings with tally marks!

Step Four:  Reflection
Together as a class we reflected on our findings.  For our class we decided blubber was the warmest.  We also make personal connections by asking essential questions like what did this make you think of?  One kiddo answered, "Massachusetts, because I used to live in the cold."
So cute :)



  1. Sherry... SUPER cute BLOG! You have some AWESOME ideas! I'm super excited to be your newest follower! More teachers need to know about you girl!!! Can I give you a "shout out" on my blog so my followers will check you out? :)

    1. You are so sweet. I would love that and appreciate that so much. Thank you!