Saturday, February 2, 2013

Teaching Inquiry

I love the weekend because I have more time to reflect on the week before.  This past week was filled with exploring, discovering, and learning about penguins.  I always start a lesson with "I wonder" questions.  This helps guide my lessons and it gets my kiddos thinking.  We all know how we need to trigger those schemas to start the learning process.  So we started off the week writing our "I wonder" questions about penguins.  Then we started reading several fiction and nonfiction books about penguins. Did I mention my kiddos are CRAZY for Tacky the Penguin books.  My kiddos also love to label especially animals.  So that's just what we did.  We went into our science journals and we labeled away.  I usually model for the kids how to do this and then I let them draw and label on their own.

Take a look below.  My little kiddos did a wonderful job with labeling :)

So the next time you are introducing a new topic or unit, try having your kiddos write down a "I wonder" question.  It really triggers the learning process and it gets the kids actively involved in the learning process.

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