Saturday, February 23, 2013

What's On Your Wish List?

Happy weekend everyone!  I hate to say it but I've become linky crazy lately.  I just found another great linky party on the oh so fabulous Melissa at First Grade Smiles!  I think what is common about most teachers is that you find yourself always WISHING for the latest, greatest gadget in your classroom.  I know I do.  I think I have a sickness because I am constantly lurking in the $1 section of Target all the time.  So now I would love to share my great finds and then give you a few of my dear wishes (a girls got to wish ever now and then).  So here we go,
My favorite find of all time is these Dr. Seuss reading bags at the $1 section at Target.  Every summer usually around June or July I can find these bags.  They are the perfect size for my Take Home Reading program and they last, last, last!  I know it sounds costly but you never need to replace them unless your little kiddo happens to loose one.  They are awesome and I just call them our Dr. Seuss bags.  Love these!
Every teacher loves her sharpies but do you have the "No Bleed" sharpies?  These fabulous finds do not bleed through the paper.  I prefer to use sharpies on my anchor charts but the one thing that always drove me crazy was how the back of my charts you could see the markers.  NOT ANY MORE!  
OK it's a sickness.  I can't live without these too.  I use them for graphs, my math word wall, and any prediction charts in science we do.  I love the new neon colors and now there are Post-It notes that come in shapes like flowers, hearts, etc.  So cute :)
And finally introducing my all time favorite item.....Large, black, undestroyable, Ticonderoga pencils.  They are THE WORLD'S BEST PENCIL!  They have a awesome black rubber texture to them that helps my kiddos with grip and I love using the large size.  It really helps my little friends that have a difficult time with writing.

Now for my wish list....
I would LOVE to have a tabletop chart stand for my guided reading table.  I would use this for so many small group activities but they are pretty expensive so maybe one rainy day.
OK this is blurry but I can always use stack of these fantastic Post-It chart paper.  They stick anywhere and I go through these so quickly.  What a brilliant idea for teachers!  I just wish they weren't so darn expensive.
So my final wish...the most important of to build my listening center.  I am constantly borrowing sets of books and scrambling to find listening center books.  I would love to have my own set organized and ready to go weekly for my literacy centers.
It is probably a BIG DREAM but hopefully one day I'll have a good supply of books for my little kiddos.

So now I can't wait to hear from all of you on your FAVS and your wish list.  
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  1. Hi Sherry! Thanks for coming by my blog! About the Sharpie Paint Pens...I use them to write my student's names on the desks.They work beautifully and there are lots of pretty colors. Wipe off with white board cleaning spray or those white magic sponges that I adore! Still nervous? Try it on a corner of a desk first! Sharpie Paint Pens work best!
    Good luck,
    Sandy (Kinder-gardening)

  2. Ooh I want those Sharpies! I'm off to find some on Amazon, thanks for the tip Sherry!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am also really wanting a dry erase easel for my guided reading groups. The one from lakeshore is just too expensive...where is the one from that you posted the picture from? I'm your newest follower :)
    Kickin’ it in Kindergarten

  4. Try Really Good Stuff. It might be cheaper...Just visited your blog again and LOVE the Dr. Seuss hats and bows. So adorable.

  5. I have never heard of no-bleed markers! Wow! I was totally amazed by that when reading your post. And I absolutely love that tabletop handy!

    MrsMc from Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

  6. Oh---- no bleed markers --- dream come true! :) Thanks again for linking up - I loved seeing your wishlist.

    First Grade Smiles

  7. Thanks for checking out my blog! Now I'm your newest follower ;) I got tons of new listening centers this year from Donors Choose. You should check it out! I also got individual CD players. I've never seen the BLACK Ticonderoga Pencils. I will have to get some now!